Bear Mayhem 2019 Contest

The River’s Edge Campground is not a sponsor of the contest for Bear Mayhem Bear or Bear Mayhem Cub, therefore it is clear that any winners are not a representative of The Rivers Edge Campground. Our contest does allow you to use the title to enter state and national competitions however there are no requirements to any other contests or to make appearances.

Contestants agree that all pictures taken of them leading up to, during and after the contest may be used to promote future Bear Mayhem events in any way the Producers of Bear Mayhem choose.

Contestants agree to release Bear Mayhem Producers, The River’s Edge, and its subsidiaries, Staff or Owners of The River's Edge from responsibility for any liability as a result of contestant’s choice to participate in the contest.

There will be 2 winners:

  1. Bear Mayhem Bear

  2. Bear Mayhem Cub

The contest is simple and designed to promote healthy competition among the weekend guests.

Upon registration for the event you will receive 2 cards, one for Bear and one for Cub. During the Friday Night parties and Saturday pool party you will check out the weekend guests and determine which you think is the Bear and Cub for this year’s event weekend. When you figure out your choice just give them your card. At 4pm Saturday all guests holding cards will be asked to report to the DJ area by the pool where their cards will be counted. 2 Guests will be chosen for Bear and 2 for Cub, these will be those guests who have the highest number of cards. Then the second half of the competition will begin with each being given an opportunity to introduce themselves and walk the pool area and work the crowd. Winners will be chosen by audience applause.

The winners for Bear Mayhem Bear and Cub will each receive a medal and a complimentary run pass for next year’s event.

Also bear in mind that all of The River’s Edge Campground regular rules apply during this weekend.